Developing A Smart Irrigation System by Implying Cloud Support in Conjunction With IOT

Chaitanya Sachdeva



Vol: 8, Issue: 4, 2018

Receiving Date: 2018-08-23 Acceptance Date:


Publication Date:


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Objective: This study presents a novel concept of an efficient and smart irrigation system for supporting the farmer’s communities using an Internet of Things (IoT) and to overcome the loss from their cultivation a smart monitoring system is incorporated. Methods: This system is classified into two different phases. In first phase, the irrigation water storage tank will be controlled by the smart irrigation system. The level of the water is maintaining by the water level manger (sensor) and if the maximum level is decreased then it fills the water automatically with the support of the controller. However, this process is functioning under the approval of the farmer in every stage. The humidity of soil is observing based on the plants and the water will be supplied if it needs in the second phase. The decisions will be taken by the decision maker with the support of other co-devices and it has been monitored by the concern farmer and reported periodically in this process. In case, the soil threshold value is overcoming then the decision maker will be activated. The irrigation tank water level is maintaining perfectly by the proposed system without the farmer presences in the field and it is designed especially for managing discontinues electricity situation. Findings: The fault ratio is less than 1% and it occurs due to the device failures. The threshold value has been set based on the cultivated plants for maintaining the humidity of soil and it differs according the plants. The agri-cloud is providing the needed information at right time and it inculcates required nutrient for the high yields to the farmers. This system can be applied for all the plants. Application: Therefore, every farmer can be benefited from their cultivation, leads to save the cost, guides to get high yields, provides the platform for getting 100% of the profit without third parties participations offers an awareness and neediness for making an organic based cultivation and help to avoid the loss or failures.

Keywords: smart irrigation system; IOT; cloud support



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