National Education Policy 2020: Progressive Changes in Higher Education and Agricultural Education

Ashish Tejasvi

Department of Botany, Agra College, Agra (U.P.), India


Vol: 12, Issue: 4, 2022

Receiving Date: 2022-08-06 Acceptance Date:


Publication Date:


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Education and medical system are the two important pillars of all round development of a country, only on the basis of multi-dimensional education and latest medical system, any nation can progress in the right direction. The new education policy comes is all set to change the existing educational system of India after 30 years with the aim of making it at par with the international standard of academics. It is an education system developed from Indian values which will contribute directly to transform India into a vibrant society by providing high quality education to all and making country a global knowledge superpower. It is envisaged in this policy that the curriculum of our institutions and the method of education should generate awareness among the students for their fundamental responsibilities and constitutional values. The vision of this policy is that the pride of being an Indian should be reflected in the students, not only in thought but in behaviour, intelligence and actions; it should also possess knowledge, skills, values and thinking, A human right who is committed for sustainable development, survival and global well-being so that every Indian can become a truly worthy citizen. Swiss online replica watches UK at affordable prices for men and women.
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Keywords: Academics; citizen; intelligence; knowledge; values


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