Leveraging Blockchain Technology Centric Tools in Enhancing the Security Safeguards of Documents Storage

Gaurav Chhikara

G D Geonka Public School, Sector-22, Rohini, New Delhi, India


Vol: 12, Issue: 4, 2022

Receiving Date: 2022-08-08 Acceptance Date:


Publication Date:


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The most widely used method for exchanging data worldwide is the Internet. Numerous cloud service providers support this sharing by letting customers store and share data over the Internet. However, cloud service providers have consistently failed to guarantee data's 100% security regarding privacy. Data breaches, piracy, and hacking attacks have threatened cloud providers' security mechanisms. However, customer data should be 100% secure because it may contain private information that should only be accessible to the owner and an intended audience. As a result, making this system more secure is critical to maintaining data privacy and cloud provider trust. We present a system that incorporates cloud-based data security into the Blockchain. It permits clients to store information in the cloud and gives a specific access control component that guarantees information security. Users can share data with others with permission by sharing the document's link with the intended user. The owner will have access to logs of all operations performed with the document at any time. This will guarantee the data's true ownership and privacy. A third party or individual will be permitted to access the document with prior authorization. This will increase cloud storage's security and reduce data breaches and attacks. Swiss best UK rolex replica watches are of high quality. Wish you find your perfect fake Rolex watches here.
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Keywords: blockchain technology; cryptographic keys; DApps


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